What’s available?

At this moment in time we offer a number of A level subjects through video-conferencing. These are distance learning courses which include:

  • 3 hours of teaching through video each week (structured to suit your needs, e.g. three hourly lessons each week, two lessons lasting an hour and a half each week, etc)
  • 1 and a half hours of independent learning on the students’ school timetable
  • 5 visits to your school during the academic year
  • Extra sessions as appropriate (e.g. during exam periods, student absences)
  • Each student has access to the college intranet site (Moodle) which includes all of the course notes and work packs
  • Regular contact with subject tutor through email

Courses offered via video conferencing:

  • AS and A2 Level Psychology
  • AS and A2 Level Sociology
  • AS and A2 Level Law


A / AS Level Psychology


Unit 1 – From Past to Present : You will study five Psychological approaches including the biological approach, psychodynamic, behaviourist, cognitive and positive.

Unit 2 – Investigating Behaviour : Contemporary debates, principles of research and application of research methods to a novel scenario.


Unit 3 -Implications in the real world : The study of behaviours and controversies.

Unit 4 – Applied Research Methods : Learners are expected to gain first-hand experience of research methods and apply their knowledge to a novel scenario.


A / AS Level Law


LA 1 – Understanding values and legal structures

LA2 – Understanding Legal reasoning, methods and personnel, the legal system, common law and equality, human rights and morality, European Union, legal personnel


LA3 – Criminal Law and justice – elements of crime, offences, murder and manslaughter.

LA4 – Non-fatal, police powers, defence and sentencing.


A / AS Level Sociology

The course consists of the following topics : Socilaisation / Culture and Identity / Family / Religion / Research Methods / Social Stratification / Education / Ethncity / Crime.


Unit 1 – Families

Unit 2 – Research Methods and the Media


Unit 3 : Power and Control

Unit 4 : Inequality and Social Differences

If you can’t see the course you’re looking for in the list above or you would like more information on the provision already available, then please contact our Project Co-ordinator, Bethan Lloyd Owen-Hughes, who is currently working on expanding the distance learning provision.

For more details on our services and the A-level courses please see our prospectus.

If you would like to organise a language awareness course for staff through video then please contact Caren Efans.