Course Resources

Seminar: Planning Bilingualism for Managers

Last updated on 14 November, 2014. Course Handbook Unit 2: The Linguistic Context in Wales CollegesWales Presentation CollegesWales National Strategy on Bilingualism in FE (2010) Ein Hiaith (Rhan 1) Unit 3: Managing the positive promotion of Bilingualism Sharing Good Practice Presentation Welsh language skills needs in 8 sectors Report (2014) Welsh Government Promoting Bilingualism Poster The Welsh…

Introduction to Bilingual Teaching (2 Day Course)

The training is intended for post-14 practitioners who are able to communicate fully in Welsh and English, who are keen to develop their bilingual learning and teaching skills. The powerpoint presentations are available bilingually – however, the course book is Welsh Medium. Please contact us if you wish to see an English version of the…

Supporting Bilingual Teaching Revision Course

Programme for the Bilingual Teaching Revision Course (Welsh-medium only) Revision and extending the use of the Welsh language (Powerpoint Presentation) Assessment and bilingualism (Powerpoint Presentation) Use of questions and bilingualism (Powerpoint Presentation) Promoting bilingualism (Powerpoint Presentation) Supporting Bilingual Teaching Workbook 2014 (Welsh-medium only)

Language Awareness and the Welsh Dimension

Here, you will find resources for all of Sgiliaith’s language awareness training sessions as well as resources used to support teaching staff to embed the Welsh language, bilingualism and the Welsh culture into the learning programme.

Resources to Promote the Advantages of Bilingualism

These are posters/handouts listing the advantages of bilingualism, as well as a list of some useful resources for those living, working or studying bilingually. Bilingual ‘Advantages of Bilingualism Poster/Handout for Learners Bilingualism Advantage Poster 1 Click HERE to download a interactive pdf version of the poster: Click here for similar resources from Agored Cymru (Creating…