Language Awareness: Context of education in Wales

llun cynulleidfa hyfforddiant 3


The training is an opportunity to improve individuals’ understanding of the wider aspects linked with language and culture. It gives the opportunity to collect information about language awareness and to investigate personal reaction to language matters. It is also possible for individuals to raise their language awareness and understanding of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, with special attention to discrimination on the basis of language. It is also possible to provide an update on the context of Welsh language in relation to policies and current educational quality arrangements on a local as well as a national level.


The training is appropriate for PGCE courses and staff in post 14 Education in general. Language awareness training can be adapted to suit other professional contexts.

How long?

The training can be tailored to suit the needs of individual institutions. We can be flexible with your needs.


Training can be located in a college, or in another convenient location if joint arrangements are made among a number of institutions.


You can contact Sgiliaith at any time during the year to organise the training at a convenient time for your college or organisation.


The training is tailored to the needs of individual institutions and therefore the structure of each course will depend on your needs.

How much?

The training is funded by the Welsh Government.