Embedding The Welsh Language Workshop



This is a short workshop that gives tutors and instructors the opportunity to consider their personal practice regarding ‘embedding the Welsh language’ and discuss Estyn’s requirements in order to plan a standard teaching programme for post-14 learners in Wales.


This course is aimed at further education lecturers and WBL instructors working in Wales. The course is suitable for Welsh and non-Welsh speakers.


The workshop is an hour and a half long.


Training can be located in a college, or in another convenient location if joint arrangements are made among a number of institutions. Access to the internet and an interactive whiteboard is necessary.


You can contact Sgiliaith at any time during the year to organise the training at a convenient time for your school or college, however we ask that you have at least five members to run the course.


The order of the course is:

The opportunity for tutors and trainers to share present practice regarding the Welsh dimension and embedding the Welsh language.
A discussion on the present practices regarding the Estyn requirements, and a consideration of how the present practices can be built upon to create valuable experiences for the learner.
Additional general ideas are introduced that can be considered whilst planning the Welsh dimension and embedding the Welsh language for any teaching programme.
Useful online resources to support tutors and teachers whilst developing their personal practices.



The training is funded in educational establishments by the Welsh Government.