Introduction to Bilingual Teaching

Modiwl MA


The training aims to increase the number of lecturers who teach bilingually. They will be equipped to work confidently and effectively in Welsh and English, balancing the use of both languages in a manner appropriate to the linguistic needs of the learning group.


The training is intended for teachers and lecturers who are able to communicate fully in Welsh and English, but who are not experienced or confident to teach adults and learners aged 14-19 in mixed language groups.


This is a two day course.


Training can be located in a college  or in another convenient location if joint arrangements are made among a number of institutions. Access to the internet is necessary. Please contact Sgiliaith for locations of upcoming courses.


Please contact Sgiliaith for dates of upcoming courses.


The training is held over two days. The sessions will present the various factors which need to be considered in order to maintain effective bilingual teaching and learning. These will include:

  • Definitions of bilingual teaching and learning and examples of good practice in bilingual teaching in a range of linguistic situations.
  • You will be given advice on finding bilingual and Welsh-medium learning resources as well as how to create personal materials.
  • The importance of identifying the linguistic background or profile of group individuals is discussed, and how to use this information in order to plan provision and experiences.
  • How to promote bilingualism to all group members and to normalise the use of Welsh in mixed language groups will be discussed.


The training is funded by the Welsh Government.

Quotes from Practitioners on the course :