Osian Jones

Osian Jones


Project and IT Co-ordinator

Osian joined Sgiliaith in March 2015.

Main responsibilities:

  • Support Sgiliaith to develop direct marketing procedures to further education establishments that can benefit from Sgiliaith support in line with our values and principles
  • Develop digital resources (e.g. create video-clips, audio-clips, i-books etc for Bilingual Teaching Methodolgy MA Module, revision courses, National Sabbatical Scheme, individual college PGCE courses, to be placed on the Sgiliaith website)
  • Coordinate the preparation of training packs for individual training sessions
  • Develop a focused and targeted cross-sector marketing campaign for Sgiliaith’s staff training provision aimed at Educational providers
  • Co-ordinate a marketing strategy and communications plan that focuses on building business and strategic partnerships across the Education sector in Wales
  • Collaborate with college Marketing Officers in order to create proactive PR campaigns in local, regional, national and specialist press
  • Maintain and update our publicity material including websites, posters, leaflets, flyers and our use of social media as a marketing tool