What is Sgiliaith?

Sgiliaith, established in 2001, is an innovation centre which supports colleges and other providers across Wales as they respond to the increasing demand for Welsh language skills in the post-14 education sector. Sgiliaith is progressive and innovative in the field of bilingual learning and teaching. We use a wide range of training methods and methodologies specialising in the latest multi-platform technologies.

  • Methodology training to allow bilingual practitioners to teach in the bilingual classroom;
  • Practical training to allow pracitioners to develop and assess bilingualism with learners;
  • Progressive support on a strategic level to managers, senior management teams and governors of Further Education colleges and Work Based Learning organisations in relation to developing bilingualism;
  • Visits and meetings on a local level to discuss any aspect of bilingualism;
  • Advice on Language Awareness to ensure that every member of staff in the organisation is aware of the bilingual nature of Wales;
  • Welsh medium and bilingual learning and teaching through video link with schools across Wales;
  • Regular undertaking of other specialist projects which focus on the Welsh language, bilingualism and technology.

Our work is wholly funded by the Welsh Government which allows us to offer all our provision free of charge to the post-14 education sector.

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