07 November 2014

Recently, Sgiliaith completed a project in co-operation with Hunaniaith, Gwynedd Council’s Language Enterprise. As part of Hunaniaith’s work to increase understanding and recognition of the value of the Welsh language as an employability skill, Sgiliaith was commissioned  by Hunaniaith to create five short video clips, focusing on the advantages of using the Welsh language as a communication language within the workplace.

The main aim of the video clips is to demonstrate the possibility of using Welsh as an administrative language, and that members of staff can use the language for formal communication / for work purposes / whilst completing duties in the workplace on a day to day basis.

There is a series of 5 video clips, and there are English medium versions as well as Welsh medium versions of all five. As well as to be used as part of Hunaniaith’s activities in promoting the value of the Welsh language in specific workplaces in Gwynedd, the videos can also be seen on Sgiliaith’s YouTube channel.

It’s Advantageous to Promote the Welsh Language:

Staff Morale and Productivity:

Increasing Employability:

The Role of Senior Managers:

Facilitating the Use of Welsh Internally:

Hunaniaith a Sgiliaith