National Support Project (Y Gymraeg)

City & Guilds 9375; Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Basic (Essential) Skills to Adults (Welsh Medium) (2006 -08)

The qualification was created as part of Sgiliaith’s brief under National Support Project 2006-08. The certificate aimed to create learning units in Welsh for tutors at level 3.

The 9375 is a pre-existing qualification in English and Canolfan Bedwyr were requested to translate the modules in order to be accredited through City & Guilds. The language units were adapted by Cen Williams, Canolfan Bedwyr, he also created supporting work packs for the language units. After some consultation, the units were accepted by City & Guilds and the Qualification handbook is available on the City & Guilds Cymru website.

The language units include:

  • Welsh and bilingual personal communication skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Welsh and bilingual language and literacy frameworks.
  • Personal and social factors and their impact on individual learners.
  • Language and society: factors influencing language and literacy development
  • Development of skills to deliver effective learning bilingually and through the medium of Welsh.
  • Develop strategies for delivering literacy and language sessions bilingually and through the medium of Welsh.

The course is intended to improve knowledge and understanding of language and literacy frameworks, and to explore strategies with which to apply that knowledge when delivering Basic Skills programmes to adult learners. In particular, the course is suitable for those delivering primary basic skills bilingually and through the medium of Welsh, at a variety of levels, with adult literacy learners.